What We Do

"The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight"

Enterprise Data Solutions

Businesses, whether they be a Fortune 500 company or a government agency, rely on information to sustain growth and evolve in today's ever changing environment. Information is the tool used to devise core business strategies that shape the objectives and goals that define a companies culture and mission statement.


At its most atomic level, information is merely data and how you capture and store data is critical towards creating a foundation that enables you too easily and intelligently transform your companies data into useful information.

Argus Solutions has a proven history of designing, developing and maintaining reliable and scalable enterprise data solutions that capture the comprehensive array of data that is generated while doing business. We have designed and developed systems that capture data for large government agencies as well as small private companies that rely on client data to meet business goals.

Our enterprise data solutions include:

Project Management Solutions

The Argus Team has an appreciation for cost effective solutions, and understands corporate inter-relationships. We have a proven track record in DOD, DOE, and commercial contract environments.

Our professional approach to supporting corporate growth strategies in the conduct of a “Gap Analysis” emphasizes change through evolution when practical.

We are experts in Project Management and control solutions, inclusive of full Earned Value Management (ANSI/EIA 748) implementation: system design and deployment; process, procedure development, and documentation; instructor-led and web-based training; system evaluation and surveillance.

Corporate Infrastructure Solutions

Corporate Infrastructure Solutions are services, applications, or other significant business changes that affect more than one organizational, functional, and/or technical area, and that combines a number of variables into a cohesive business solution.

Argus Solutions' Approach To Corporate Infrastructure Solutions brings a comprehensive approach to solving enterprise challenges by offering solutions well suited for organizational and business needs. Our services begin with the acceptance that an issue exists, continue through the implementation of the solution, and end only when the user community has adopted the new business environment.

Argus Solutions provides assistance with planning, management, and delivery of the solution by bringing together a cross-functional team to augment clients' resources, and integrate seamlessly within client cultures.